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Convert GSD/GST files (Used by Graphtec/Silhouette/Wishblade cutting machines) to SVG

Convert Graphtec's GSD/GST file format to the SVG format as used by Inkscape and other vector editing applications. Both bitmaps and vectors are converted, as well as the gradient fills.

GSD/GST File Location:

10 conversions left for IP address

  Max. File Size 30MB

Download Link:  

To view the SVG file in a browser click on the link. To save the SVG file, right click and select 'Save Link As' or 'Save Target As'.

Legal Disclaimer

There is no association between the author of this website and Graphtec. This is NOT Graphtec approved.

No transfer of the image licence is implied by using the converter, that remains with the original copyright owner of the image file.

Updated 8 March 2018

Updated 21 June 2017

Updated: 23 January 2016 Updated: 1 December 2015 Updated: 21 April 2015

Known Issues

Updated: 5 July 2013
  • Text is converted to vector outlines, which may be filled or empty
  • Text is not scaled correctly, and sometimes it is not in the correct position
  • A default/substitute font will be used if the font isn’t found/recognised
  • Dashed line styles may not have the correct length of dashes or spaces
  • Some arcs may not have the correct rotation
  • The gradient fills positions may not be 100% accurate
  • There is no joining of segmented lines/vectors that have the same start and end points
  • Duplicate shapes are not removed
  • Both the print and cut ‘layers’ are converted to a single file
  • Objects are not grouped
  • The registration marks for contour cutting (print and cut) are not converted
Please report any errors/problems at the forum (requires registration)

There may be a delay/timeout at peak times (or large complex files), so please try again later.

Both the GSD and converted SVG files are stored on the server for up to a week.